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Topic: Put A Premium On The Word

Dear Brethren

Every time God wants to change a man’s experience, He does it through His word; God does not do anything outside His word. God and His word are one. The word of God is the wisdom of God. Your response to the word is a picture of your respect for God. The place that God’s word holds in your life is the place that God holds in your life. The workings of God are never proportionate to your need of Him but proportionate to your knowledge of Him. God Bless You 🙏

– Sis Nelly Charis

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Q&A With Pastor Chris

Pastor Lanre proffers:
Prayer is a communication with God; it’s a fellowship with God and one of the things that certainly would hinder or limit a man’s ability to pray is if he stops studying the Word of God. Because in studying God’s word you get to know or hear the person you are praying to; the person that you are fellowshipping with. So, if you can’t pray, it’s proof positive you have deviated or you are alien to the Word of God and once you begin to study the Word of God again (if you are born again particularly if you are filled with the Holy Spirit), your prayer level would just move from one degree of glory to a higher one. So, get back into the Word; that would be my recommendation.

Pastor Chris answers:
So, prayer is borne of a relationship.

Rev Tom proffers:
Pastor, if he says “I can’t pray”, he needs to receive the Holy Spirit-number one! Get the book ‘How to Pray Effectively’. You wouldn’t have gone so far into the book, you’d find yourself praying because you’d understand why we should pray. The next thing is to get involved in prayer times; the man of God releases prayer posts for us to pray three times a week. Get involved and then get involved in congregational prayers such as prayer times in church; this is going to help you as you get immersed in that corporate unction and you learn more how to pray.

Pastor Chris answers:
And when it’s prayer time in church, don’t be looking around. Some people just look around when others are praying. What do you want to see? You’ve already seen a lot before the prayer time and you can see after the prayer time. So, during the prayer time, pray! It’s very important.



Dear Pastor Chris, there are countries, especially in Africa, where people are suffering in the hands of detectors and cruel leaders. My question is, is the life of one person (the dictator), more important than the thousands that suffer at his hands? Why does God let these leaders stay in power for a long time and have their way? Mariah from Uganda

Pastor Chris answers:
Thank you! Well, there are certain things we need to realize. And firstly, generally, these leaders that you are talking about are not aliens, who have come from other countries to usurp authority in the countries that they govern; they are usually citizens of those countries where they have become leaders. Which means, the leaders are pulled from the people, from their own people? 

How did the people produce such disperse? How did the people produce such kind of leaders? They came from among them. Recognize this; every nation gets the leadership that it deserves, that’s important. Every nation gets the leadership that it deserves; the leaders come from among the people. How do you solve the problem then? 

Firstly, education; education is important for every country. Secondly, a re-culturing, throughout African and other nations that have this kind of problems, they require a re-culturing, a new way of thinking. And if you educate the people, you will get leaders from among the people that you have educated. If you culture them properly, you will get leaders from among those that you have cultured. So, the problem is, most of Africa is uneducated, they don’t understand the sanctity of life. 

Most don’t understand the importance of good governance, and so, they’ve struggled their way to where they are and they have gotten leaders from among them that way. And remember, most of the world was that way one time. Europe, Asia, most of them were that way, they also have some disperse, they also had tyrants, terrible leaders one time or the other but through education and re-culturing of the people, they have come to where they are. That is the solution for Africa as well. 

So it’s not that God is leaving these people in office, where do you want him to get the leaders from? Bring you leaders from some other country? The problem is, when you take out these leaders, and new ones come in sometimes, they are worse than the previous ones. And that has been the experience in most of Africa. So, the problem is not just who is the leader presently, the problem is the pool where we get the leaders. So, if we want to make a change, we must make a change in the pool from where the leaders come. 

So, begin now to work towards the future by educating the people and re-culturing the people. Public enlightenment of some kind will be very beneficiary, thank you..